Bikes. Metal. Death.

Welcome to my digital abode. This is an attempt to regain freedom from social media hijacking/mining my personal information and mediums.

Site is massively under destruction at the moment.

TWITCH.TV/BICYCLEOFDTH | BicycleOfDeath was too long of a username when I signed up and someone ganked the username. Kinda bummed, but that's the way it is. Below are some commands that can be typed into chat. If at any time this page feels, or is, out of date - let Bike or a moderator know.


  • !cache | Displays a link to the contents of The Division's Encrypted Caches.
  • !commands | Displays a link to this page.
  • !discogs | Displays a link to BicycleOfDeath's vinyl record collection inventory.
  • !discord | Displays a link to BicycleOfDeath's discord channel.
  • !hype | Command for the channel bot to display BicycleOfDeath hype emotes. Please contribute your best air guitar.
  • !janzer | Displays a link to a The Division weapon talent tool created by @Janzer247
  • !logo | Information regarding the BicycleOfDeath logo, created by The Lord of Logos, Christophe Szpajdel.
  • !patchnotes | Displays a link to The Division's latest live server patch notes.
  • !prayer | Displays an RNG prayer created by community members.
  • !ruben | Displays a link to a Weekly Vendor Reset inventory list compiled by Ruben Alamania.
  • !so | Shout Out command used by moderators.
  • !ugbuild | Displays a link to BicycleOfDeath's The Division Underground build that synergizes with 5 Directives on Challenging.

Sound Effects:

!911, !bat, !bigpapa, !boom, !elmo, !garbage, !heatingup, !impressive, !mario, !onfire, !raid, !santa, !tonyt !wook